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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

AHRC and The Big Society: UCU speaks out

Here is a link from Thom Brooks' estimable blog - which I heartily recommend, for more informed views of the politics of academe than you will find here - to a piece reporting that UCU have backed the moves to remove The Big Society from the AHRC's delivery plan.  That is either, a: good news, increasing pressure on Rylance and co, and highlighting further the curious absence of the Royal Historical Society from the roster of objectors (though I have not been able to find out what the state of play is here), leading to the supposition that Jones and co think that Rylance's excuse that he wasn't forced into this but 'done it all himself' is somehow acceptable ... or b: a disaster that will kill the movement against the AHRC's adoption of political slogans stone dead, especially if Sally Hunt and her war-cabinet get to say what the best strategies to adopt might be.  If in line with their usual tactical/strategic nouse, the latter might include blinding an orphan every day until Rick Rylance changes his mind.  That'll show 'em.