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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Day to Feel Some Pride in the Discipline

Colin Jones and the RHS might be keeping their heads down as far as opposition to the AHRC's links with Cameron's farcical 'Big Society' project (or 'Feudalism', as we medievalists like to call it) is concerned, but this piece from the BBC News website shows that every now and then one can feel some pride in being a historian and that the discipline hasn't entirely sold out and forgotten what ethical and social stances are inherent in the calling to be a historian.  Hats off to Robert Gildea, Howard Hotson (again) and Margaret MacMillan (aunt of our chum Dan Snow, no less, by the way). 

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  1. Dear Guy,
    The Royal Historical Society May 2011 Newsletter does say
    'There is much in the news to engage us as a Society – from the first signs that government spending cuts
    are damaging history provision within universities, through worries about the effect of student fees, through developing plans for the place of the discipline in the schools curriculum, to the AHRC’s apparent flirtation with ‘Big Society’ ideology. On all these issues, the Society keeps a watching brief and acts wherever possible to express the interests of the discipline forcefully and responsibly.'
    It would be instructive to learn what 'acts wherever possible' means in this case, perhaps those of your readers who pay to be Fellows of the Society can ask questions in the spirit of Guy's justified concerns?


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