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Friday, 24 June 2011

A Clarification for the Hard of Thinking

Since I have received some personal abuse based on the post below, might I make the following points clear (I shouldn't have to, I know, but evidently people can't be bothered to read the post properly, or at all):
1: The title is a (crap, admittedly) play on the title of Milan Kundera's novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
And therefore,
2: It is not claiming that academic historians 'have a hard life'; it is about, well, what it talks about - the difficulty of living up to the ethical standards you (implicitly) set yourself by being an historian.

Thank you for your attention, but - really - if you can't grasp that from the post below then there are plenty of blogs about bringing up kittens, or liking looking at trees, or the joys of wearing a hat, or - oh, I don't know - living in fucking Kentucky and being addicted to cheese: basically any number of things that might be further up your street.


  1. We in the UK are going to have to get used to more of this sort of thing as the £9k fees come in. It'll get worse with the UCU's *absolutely insane* intention to strike using admissions and exams as a focus.

  2. hello. I first came to your website in relation to late antiquity but have been reading your articles about the current situation in the UK. You may be interested to know a very senior manager (near the top) of my public sector organisation in Oz remarked about how he has been highly influenced by some theorist (dont know who) in the 'Big Society' concept. Looks like we can look forward to some austerity down here real soon. Good to know what we have to look forward too.


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