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Friday, 6 June 2014

It was 70 years ago today.

Spare a thought today for the men and women of the D-day landings and the Great Crusade, the non-Nazi fallen of both sides, and the civilians killed too.


  1. Very Good. Reminded me of what Indigènes was supposed to be about before it slid into being a bog-standard war-film.

  2. We were in Normandy in March and visited the beaches, Bayeux and Arromanches. It is sobering to walk along on such peaceful places as the beaches are today and remember what occurred so long ago.

    It is quite a thing to consider that this 70th remembrance is probably the last time that so many people who took part in D-Day will be around to tell their stories. In ten year's time, most will be gone, their voices silent and the events will have passed into recorded history.

    War is terrible, but they fought for a just cause.


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