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Gender in the Merovingian World

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


So King Juan Carlos is abdicating in favour of his son.  This makes him, I think, the third European monarch in ?2 years to abdicate.  It's officially A Craze! As usual, though, I doubt our own monarch will follow a mere trend.  And she is quite right, too.  I don't like all this fashionable modern abdicating.  What was wrong with a good old traditional abdication at the insistence of a cabal of disgruntled aristocrats and/or churchmen?  I preferred the old days, when rulers who abdicated went, or were forced to go, into a monastery.  Or got shut up in a castle, to die 'in mysterious circumstances' a few years later, perhaps during an unedifying hand-to-hand brawl with a relative.  Mutilation too.  Perhaps Juan Carlos could have his nose cut off to stop him from making an ill-fated come-back bid.  As it is he'll doubtless go off on a yacht or engage in some ill-advised shooting of endangered species and enjoy a privileged retirement.  No - they knew how to do it better in the Olden Days.  Join my CAMpaign for Real Abdications today!