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Tuesday, 3 June 2014


So King Juan Carlos is abdicating in favour of his son.  This makes him, I think, the third European monarch in ?2 years to abdicate.  It's officially A Craze! As usual, though, I doubt our own monarch will follow a mere trend.  And she is quite right, too.  I don't like all this fashionable modern abdicating.  What was wrong with a good old traditional abdication at the insistence of a cabal of disgruntled aristocrats and/or churchmen?  I preferred the old days, when rulers who abdicated went, or were forced to go, into a monastery.  Or got shut up in a castle, to die 'in mysterious circumstances' a few years later, perhaps during an unedifying hand-to-hand brawl with a relative.  Mutilation too.  Perhaps Juan Carlos could have his nose cut off to stop him from making an ill-fated come-back bid.  As it is he'll doubtless go off on a yacht or engage in some ill-advised shooting of endangered species and enjoy a privileged retirement.  No - they knew how to do it better in the Olden Days.  Join my CAMpaign for Real Abdications today!


  1. Imagine if Honorius had abdicated when he had the chance, he would have only lost a hand - a competent emperor in that period might have made all the difference. Or if Flavius Constantius had lived longer...

  2. Would we notice if he was tonsured?

    1. Ooh. Good question. rhaps he could be given a mad, rough -hewn tonsure as seen in the film version of Name of the Rose.


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