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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Time to put an end to this.

Many of you may know my views on journalists.  But even by their own sub-slug standards, Richard Littlejohn is a slimy, evil wretch.  Bleating by journalistsabout press freedom clearly involves their freedom to hound innocent people to their death for their lifestyle.  Here is the latest of Littlejohn's exploits, for which - let's remember - he is paid a million a year.  Please sign the petition and help put a stop to this.  There may be, as Charlie Brooker recently wrote, some right-wing slimeballs (Dellingpole, the Rev Mullins and their Torygraph blogging ilk) whose sole purpose in (what they consider to be) 'life' is merely to wind up the liberal intelligentsia, and with whom getting riled is merely to notch up a point to them, but Littlejohn churns out hate-speech week-in, week-out, pandering to the vilest prejudices of the Mail readership.  There must be, to borrow that quote about 'Fire-His-Ass' Ferguson, a line somewhere and Littlejohn, in my view, has crossed it once too often.  Here a mealy-mouthed apology cannot suffice.