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Friday, 15 March 2013

The closest I'll ever get...

... to rubbing shoulders with Mary Beard!

(Also the first time I've ever seen any of my books feature on a display like this, at Foyles on Charing Cross Rd., London)


  1. Ah,but you a have a magic publishing name in your title this time. If you could have squeezed in the 'Templars' and 'Waffen SS' as well you would have had it made ;-)

  2. Ha ha! Look out for my next book, 'Kampfgruppe Arthur: SS Templars on the Eastern Front' (Pen & Sword, forthcoming).

  3. I also feel that Sara Wheeler's book title should have a comma for clarity. Is this 'O, My America!' or 'O My, America!'? I haven't read the book but I wonder from the classic pic on the cover whether that isn't precisely the ambiguity she's looking for, though.

    1. I recognise it as a quote from Tom Stoppard's New-Found-Land, though it may well originate elsewhere. I've never seen a script, but in performance it's definitely "O! My America! My new found land!"

  4. In my book pile you're underneath a Tokina 11-16 landscape lens, and above the latest issue of Australasian Canadian Studies. Hope you're equally proud! To the left are two 1930s satires by Alun Llewellyn and to the right is Islwyn Ffowc Elis's Wythnos yng Nghymru Fydd.

  5. Mine's somewhat less exciting: on my book pile it's currently between Cleary's 'The Ending of Roman Britain' and Karkov's 'Theorizing Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture', but that's because I'm in essay-production mode...


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