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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cameron's Britain ...

... summed up horribly accurately in a joke (which I got from my friend Joanna and which is I believe a British version of an American gag, not that that reduces its pertinence):

A banker, a Daily Mail reader and someone on benefits are sitting around a table with twelve biscuits.  The banker takes eleven.  He then leans forward, points at the person receiving benefits and whispers to the Mail-reader "I'd keep your eye on him; he's after your biscuit."


  1. Too close to the truth to be funny!

  2. Union member would work over here too. It is incredible that one still hears the old rhetoric about the unions 'holding the country to ransom'. *sighs*

  3. Banker, FOX News watcher, and immigrant/Union member/Muslim would work as the American version. It'd be cookies rather than biscuits, too. Cookies, biscuits, whatever--FUNNY.

  4. Actually it seems I got the UK version wrong. It should have been 'person on benefits' rather than 'immigrant', though to be honest either works. Nonetheless I have edited accordingly.


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