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Sunday, 10 November 2013


On Remembrance Sunday, spare a thought for the living as well as the fallen, as current governments (eg UK and USA) do so little for those returning from wars, and even make them redundant.  So, as a change from the usual Siegfried Sassoon or Wilfrid Owen quotes, here's something from Yip Harburg and Jay Gorney, not always associated with 11/11 but which seems to be especially relevant at the moment.

They used to tell me I was building a dream
And so I followed the mob
When there was earth to plow or guns to bear
I was always there, right on the job

They used to tell me I was building a dream
With peace and glory ahead
Why should I be standing in line
Just waiting for bread?


Once in khaki suits, gee, we looked swell
Full of that Yankee Doodly Dum
Half a million boots went slogging through Hell
And I was the kid with the drum

Say, don't you remember? They called me 'Al'
It was 'Al' all the time
Why don't you remember? I'm your pal
Say buddy, can you spare a dime?