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Friday, 5 April 2013

Great Lies of Academia no.94

"I/We would like to thank X for his/her review of my/our book, Y. ..."

And, while we're on the subject, ...

Professor Grumpy's Wise Words, no.(?)2

Never, ever, ever reply to a review.  No matter how dick-witted, unfair, misrepresentational, potentially libellous it was, no one ever, ever, ever, made themselves look better by replying to a review.  Remember: books stay on shelves; reviews are soon forgotten.  The only reviews that aren't soon forgotten are the ones that are remembered for being so spectacularly rude.  That doesn't reflect on the book.

Professor Grumpy's Wise Words, no.(?)2a

Never, ever, ever, at all, ever reply to to a reply to a review.  Close scrutiny of the annals of The Medieval Review and other similar locales shows that only extremely obnoxious and/or stupid people do that.