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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Worlds of Arthur latest

I received my advance copies today and I have to say that the folks at OUP have made a lovely job of it.  Publication date: 14 Feb.  Anglo-Saxonists: you still have have five weeks to teach the old narrative of post-imperial Britain and the Anglo-Saxon migrations with impunity! 


  1. Any chance to see this in electronic format? They kill me with the post charges in Spain and I have a nice Kindle

  2. Should be 14 Feb according to OUP. Whether there'll be an e-book I don't know. Thanks for your support!

  3. I have a copy on pre order as well. I have a feeling I might need to forgo sleep in order to read it and my degree at the same time but oh well needs must!

  4. And I thought that BBC's 'Merlin' was the final word on the subject! Just pre-ordered my copy of your Arthur book and I am looking forward to reading it.


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