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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Kids Are All White: Who Powers Northumbria University?

Some of you might have noted the Northumbria University advert that pops up on this page.  If not, it has a series of images detailing the alleged characteristics of the said University - that is to say Northumbria University - and the people who power them - that is to say Northumbria University - in these various endeavours.  Well ... suffice it to say, if you see this ad have a watch and see if you notice anything - how shall I say? - odd about the people who appear, that is to say the people who power Northumbria University.  Are there any groups of people being targeted, or more to the point NOT being targeted by Northumbria University?

And yes, I have used the phrase Northumbria University as often as possible in the hope that it will show up prominently on Google searches...  Yes, that's Northumbria University, the University in Northumbria (specifically Newcastle).