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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oxbridge 'Access' events: The Truth

Anyone who believes the claims that Oxbridge are seriously attempting to broaden the social basis of their intake should read this piece by David Lammy MP.  Disgusting stuff (to this ex-comprehensive boy at any rate) but not, alas, surprising.  A small bun for the first reactionary to use the term 'social engineering' in their comment.

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  1. who might. That's obviously a problem, but he pitches it as a choice.

    That is, though, the only thing I can find in there where I have grounds to object and he's unusual, and surely right, as a critic of Oxbridge admissions, to suggest not only that more should be done, but some of what it might be. I do wonder, all the same, how he or any other of these critics thinks this prejudice is communicated to and enforced upon the thousand of non-Oxbridge students who are recruited as recruiters, i. e. academics, often from different countries. It's not by instruction, I can testify (though since I am ex-Oxbridge of course perhaps I'm already institutionalised). Is it that teaching a student body enforces on one an impression of what a usual student is? In which case, surely not just Oxbridge affected...

    What does that earn me, a croissant?


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