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Monday, 25 August 2014

Feast your eyes

On this lunacy.  Form an orderly queue to list the fundamental logical and methodological errors.


  1. I think the author's photo says it all, really...

  2. I am sure you are correct about the lack of reputability but I can assure you that this character is as serious as serious can be

  3. Mount Badon must have been somewhere, still if all the Ba(y)dons are found wanting why stick at inserting an 'r'... how about Blaydon in the Tyne Valley upriver from Newcastle. It's just 40 miles or so west along the Roman Wall to Camboglanna (aka Camlann) and the Blaydon Races could represent a lingering folk memory of Arthur's cavalry charge in which 960 fell at the Battle of Mons Bladonicus.

    Bede's Jarrow was just down the river but of course the anti-British Bede would have played down the connection. Perhaps he deliberately dropped the 'L' from the name. After all, all the surviving copies of Gildas post date Bede and Bede's reputation was so great that to correct Gildas retrospectively would be the natural thing to do.

    Moreover, Blaydon is not all that far from Lanchester, where Andrew Breeze has placed the Battle of Brunanburh in 937. Just about the time when the legend of Arthur was growing in Welsh myth and legend, see 'Armes Prydein' etc.

    I think I could be building up a good case here!


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