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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Chance of a Lifetime...

I got this e-mail today.  Drink it in, and wonder no more why people like me are leaving the Labour Party.

Guy, [apparently I don't merit a 'Dear']
There are few people in Britain more courageous, determined and inspirational than Doreen Lawrence. We are enormously privileged to have her as a Labour peer — and I am more than a little jealous of your chance to join her table at our annual gala dinner.

If you'd like to have dinner with Baroness Doreen Lawrence, all we ask is that you make a £3 donation to help us beat the Tories at the next election, and you'll automatically be entered to win a pair of gala tickets.

In the spirit of our party, we're keen to make this opportunity open to all, so we will also arrange travel to London and a night's accommodation for you and your guest.

I'll also be at the gala, alongside many of my Shadow Cabinet colleagues, and we hope to see you there on the night. Best of luck!


Gloria De Piero
Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities

P.S. You can enter without donating here, but if you want us to beat the Tories at the next election, we'd be grateful if you could donate something alongside your entry. 


  1. I got one too!

    Maybe they think that "dear" of all things would be patronising...

  2. It is rude and I emailed Gloria to let her know what has been sent in her name

  3. I got that too. Even worse, I got an invitation to the local Labour Party's summer party. Guest star: Tristram Hunt. Yes, the Tristram Hunt who agrees with Gove about everything and crossed a UCU picket line of his colleagues to teach a class on Marxism. The fuckers.

    1. Not as bad as the first e-mail, mind you. That one started as though it were an actual invitation. 'Blimey!', thought I (like another blogger), 'At last my left-wing blogging has made an impact on the Labour Party leadership.' Then I read on...


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