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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Education Reform

I think I posted this before.  It is excellent.  And it is no less pertinent today than it was when it was first published (in 2010).  In fact it has become more so.  Because the leaders of British HE institutions have done nothing to oppose it.  I don't mean 'not enough in my humble opinion'.  I mean nothing.  With a big N.  Followed by a big O,T,H,I,N, and G.  Indeed, so far from opposing it, they have encouraged it, and made sure that every cell - faculty, school, department, centre - in their organisation is headed by the sorts of thuggish apparatchiks that will also further these changes in the interests of short-term local advantage.  And we have people like Mr/Dr/Professor/Sir/Lord Christopher Thompson making comments - comments, it has to be said, that make absolutely no practical sense at all if you think about them for more than about, ooh, seconds, for all that they sound superficially radical, democratising, free-thinking and 'forward-looking' - that encourage us to embrace the elimination from UK education and culture of anything not sufficiently subsidised by the market principle.  So read Charlie's piece again, people, because we are on a bus headed to 'boh-bah-land' at very high speed unless we - and especially the leaders of UKHE and opposition politicians, which means 'us' again because 'we' have to force 'them' to - do something radical and significant soon.