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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Help required

Does any reader of this blog know what the evidence is for Theodoric the Great disbanding the Roman guards units? It is a claim often repeated (including by me, ahem) but I am unable to track down the actual primary evidence, being in Metz and away from my books.

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  1. Procopius says in his Secret History (26.8) that Theoderic made the silentiarii, domestici and scholarii into ceremonial units so that they had 'nothing left to them but the name of soldiers and their pay'

    I don't have these next two sources myself, but in this context Amory (1997) references Agathias (5.15.1-6) as agreeing on a ceremonial role for the guards and Cassiodorus (Variae 6.11) as stating that the comes domesticorum was a nominal title used to raise the holder to the rank of illustres.


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