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Thursday, 17 October 2013


To all the teachers on strike today.  My dad was a schoolteacher (selfishly failing to be born into a middle class background and become an Oxbridge-trained university professor, thus costing me at least two jobs; I gotta get me some therapy).  Because of that I know how hard teachers work (it's why I didn't follow in his footsteps) and how reluctant the vast majority of teachers are to take strike action.  The other thing I picked up from being the child of a teacher was how it is a job that every f*cker in the land thinks they can do better than the people actually trained to do the job can (maybe it's what predisposes me to get so angry with all the unqualified gits who think they can write better history than actual historians).  And that only magnifies how sick and tired they are of being kicked around like political footballs by arrogant, unqualified Oxford-educated twats* like Michael Gove (and his predecessors).  I offer the pic below to keep you smiling in the face of the shit-storm the right-wing media will doubtless launch upon you.

Also this:

* What is wrong with these people?  Brought up from the age of, what -5? 8? - to believe that they are ipso facto better than everyone else and that their opinion outweighs everyone else regardless of whether they know what they're talking about?  (Even if Gove got into this circle via scholarships rather than inheritance.)  No one not of their ilk even has an opinion worth listening to.  I was exposed to one of this type at a conference in Princeton not long ago.  Reminds me of someone who wrote a book on a 'certain barbarian group' 22 years ago, has rewritten the book at least 3 times since and published the same argument in countless articles without changing his mind about *anything* in the interim - not one thing: not merely not to change his mind, but not even to modify, moderate or refine his opinion.  About anything.  What it must be, eh, to know the truth, the right answer, when you're still a PhD student and be completely right about everything.  In his own circles he's thought of as ferociously intelligent.  In my book it's the opposite of intelligence.  But he's not alone.  Not by a long chalk.  Those fellow Oxonians, Camerons, Osbornes and Goves are exactly of a type. F*ckers.