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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

People who live in glass tax-havens...

Here, in a Telegraph article from 2005, is a little more evidence on why the current owner of the Daily Mail might want to rein in his hacks from attacking the family antecedents of Ed Miliband.  His great-grandad congratulates Hitler on the invasion of Czechoslovakia and urges him to invade Romania.  Patriotic.

This and the other links in other pieces I've shared should be shared as widely as possible.  The Heil crosses the line of decency on a weekly basis at least.  If Dacre's latest actions leads to the raking up of as much muck about the current Lord Rothermere's family as possible, maybe he'll do something about the most loathsome editor on "Fleet Street"?  Or maybe not.  It's all revenue after all.