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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Three-Line Biography

Some of you may remember this, the short version of The Manifesto.  Well, I got the proofs of this yesterday.  Now I have to come up with a three-line biography.  Tricky.  How about this:
Professor Grumpy teaches at the University of Poppleton.  
Professor Grumpy is bored of medieval history.  
Professor Grumpy hates everyone.
Do you think that would do?


  1. Most definately :)

    p.s. I dare you to come to a debating historical practice lecture and deliver your manifesto I dare you.

  2. *Definitely* Ahem.
    Do you mean the short version? You got the full manifesto last year as part of the 'The End of the Roman World' briefing. How quickly we forget...

  3. Ah yes...sorry! :-(
    I was referring to the short version yes, and while a select few of us might have got the full version not everybody did. Forget! Never!


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